New Update!

JDE Drifter is getting a rework!

Courtesy of kb's Finish Your Game Jam.


The JDE Drifter now follows the mouse. While turning, the Drifter will DRIFT, charging up your dash meter (Now with 2x the hit effects!)

The chaining system has also chained. All enemies still have a score value that is multiplied by current chain. IF you get consecutive hits within one dash, the score resulting from that multiplication is FURTHER MULTIPLIED by the number of consecutive hits.

In addition, all ships are scaled down, making the space feel roomier and less claustrophobic. In addition, bullets move faster AND different enemies have different bullet speeds allowing for further differentiation of enemy types.

The game is now faster, smoother, and much more rewarding.

Its not perfect, but its a big step in the right direction.


JDE Drifter 43 MB
Aug 20, 2018 43 MB
Mar 03, 2019

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